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Gas Furnaces

When it comes time to replace your existing older furnace or heating system with a more efficient model, you may be able to reduce your heating bills. If you’re in need of a new furnace, we will be happy to help your home heating requirement for your comfort and safety use. Gas furnace repair, sale,  installation experts are here for your home comfort. Check out our sale prices before purchase your heating appliances.

Lets take a look at the furnace types and models in the current market.

This short info will help you to compare furnaces ability and prices.

There are three types of furnaces available on the market today.

1. Single Stage Furnace   ( PSC Motor = Permanent Split Capacitor )

Single stage furnaces only has one stage of heat output . Whenever it’s operating, it’s running at full capacity no matter how cold it is outside. They continually disperse the maximum amount of heat that the furnace is designed for, regardless of the temperature outdoors or in certain areas of your home.

This is how a single stage furnace operates – there’s an “on” speed, and then an “off” speed with nothing in between. This can be extremely costly for your energy bills in the winter since every time your furnace turns on.

2. Two Stage Furnace   ( PSC Motor )

Two stage furnaces,  operate much more efficiently than a single stage furnace. The first stage of this type of furnace operates the majority of the time in most climates, and runs at about 65% of the furnace’s full capacity.

When the temperature outside becomes extremely cold and the first stage is not sufficient enough to heat your home, the second stage kicks on to provide the additional heat required. Two stage furnaces provides the right amount of heat to efficiently satisfy your home and family’s needs. A 2 stage furnace is much quieter and creates less carbon dioxide emissions for the environment.

3. Variable Speed Furnace  ( ECM Motor = Electronically Commutated Motors)

Variable speed means that the blower motor operates at different speeds to more accurately control the flow of heated air to your home. This can result in less energy consumption and lower utility bills every month. Unlike a single stage furnace and 2 stage furnace, a variable speed furnace doesn’t actually refer to the number of stages your furnace goes through to provide heat; rather it refers to the blower motor in the furnace.

In variable speed furnaces, the blower motor can move at different speeds to control the amount of heated air dispersed throughout your home and reduces air fluctuations . Even when the furnace is not “on,” the motor in a variable speed furnace can still operate to continually circulate air throughout your home. Better airflow results in a more comfortable environment in regards to both temperature and humidity.

This feature allows for healthier indoor air quality since your air is constantly passing through the filter in your HVAC system and being cleaned of such things as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.

* PSC Motors

PSCmotorA PSC or permanent split capacitor is a type of motor that is designed to do two things. It turns on and it turns off.  The electrical output of the motor is not controllable and there are no speed variances to control. Because the motor operates at a constant speed, the use of energy is a constant and efficiency is lost.

* ECM Motors


( Gas Furnace ECM motor Picture from Grayfurnaceman )

ECM or electronically commutated motors save energy and improve the efficient movement of air through your unit. ECM motors allow for variable speeds which can correspond to the unit’s call for air flow. Typically, an ECM motor will slowly come on and increase the speed of the fan gradually as opposed to just coming completely on at start up. This saves energy and further, the ECM will only reach a maximum speed that matches the setting called for by the thermostat.

Gas furnaces repair, sale, installation experts ready to service to you.

Lets take a look at the furnace product models in the current market.

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