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UV Air Purifiers

Airborne contaminants are unwanted materials in the air, which are harmful for human health.

Breathing cleaner air will allow your organs to work better. Clean and better quality indoor air will give you morepetri-hand energy at work and home activities with your family. Children and especially babies are especially susceptible to lung and physical development diseases, many of which can be brought about or worsened by indoor air pollution.

Improve Indoor Air Quality for yourself and for your  family. There is no question that prevention is the best medicine.

Airborne Biological Pollutant (as known as Microbial Contaminants) ( e.g., mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses and allergens ) might be cause very dangers health issue. The only way to eliminate a big percentage of germs and bacteria from the air is by using the U.V. rays technology.

This type of  purifier uses a UV-C light that  will breaks cell wall of the bacteria and other pathogen organism and by breaking the molecular bonds destroys the their DNA.

For best result for indoor air quality U.V. lights and HEPA filters should be use together.

Are you concerned about Biological Contaminants?  Have you had a problem with mold growth on your HVAC coils or in your ductwork?  Want to know more about what an air purifier can do for your home, or have one that needs service?

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We have 2 different U.V. lights brand name to service to you.


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