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Power Vent Water Heater

IMG_0041 (2)These types of water heaters are more reliable and safer than natural draft water heaters. Some people can describe these as the same as a natural draft water heater, but they are not.

Power vented natural gas water heaters, use a powerful electric fan or blower to push the combustion flue gases outdoors. This eliminates Back Draft and ensures that carbon monoxide does not leak into your home.

If for some reason your water heater’s vent motor does not work, the system will not turn back on for safety purposes. A safety switch exists against draft failure.

If your electricity is off, your power vent water heater will automatically turn itself off until power comes back on.

Power vent water heaters are equipped with electronic ignition system and flammable vapour sensor.power-vent-water-heater

Power Vent Water Heaters save energy and promote indoor air quality.

Repair and Service

If you have any problems with your power vent water heater, for example:

  • No hot water20140626_191137 (2)
  • Not enough hot water
  • Water dripping from T&P valve
  • Hot water smells like a rotten eggs
  • Not enough hot water pressure
  • Not enough hot water quantity
  • Water leaking from bottom
  • etc…  Contact Us for Water Heater Repair and Maintenance
Water heater Thermostats

Some Models of Water Heater thermostats




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