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Maintenance & Tune-up

Servicing your gas furnace and gas appliances is very important. With annual maintenance and tune-up improve gas appliances efficiency and reduce heating cost. If your furnace has not been serviced for a long time, you may not only be getting inefficient heating but are in danger of breakdowns. When the cold weather hits this can be an uncomfortable and frustrating thing to happen.  Sometimes these breakdowns cause carbon monoxide poisoning and sometimes can be deadly. Periodic preventive maintenance add years to your furnaces life and eliminate big repair cost.

We take pride and honour in providing a safety service for your gas appliances.

Plan ahead and get Ignition Gas  Comfort to carry out your furnace preventive maintenance  service.MaintenanceSafety

The best way to keep your heating system running reliably and efficiently is regular periodic annual maintenance. Please do not let a small problem become a big problem.

Here is part of the list for furnace preventive maintenance and tune-up:

  • Inspect any gas leak ,we have zero tolerance for gas leak,
  • Inspect any Carbon Monoxide leak, measure ambient air CO level,
  • Inspect and measure safety switches,
  • Inspect flame sensor, measure and clean it,
  • Inspect vent pipe and elbows,
  • Inspect fresh air intake and air filter,
  • Inspect heat exchanger,
  • Combustion Analysis,
  • Inspect gas valve and adjust manifold gas pressure,
  • Inspect blower motor and clean it if necessary,
  • Measure blower motor Amp draw,
  • Inspect induced vent motor and hoses,
  • Measure induced vent motor amp draw,
  • Inspect condensate pan for water leaking,
  • Inspect condensate water drain hoses and drain pump,
  • Measure duck static pressure,
  • Cleaning and more.

For your and your family safety , we offer  the assurance of work done to the highest technical and safety standards. For your convenience and comfort  we are ready to perform periodic preventive maintenance for your  gas appliances.

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